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Nurse's News
Instructor: Mrs. Slebonick   


Welcome to the Rockhill Clinic
Patricia J. Slebonick, R.N.
Hours:  8:30-4:00


All Kindergarten students need to have a copy of their History and Physical along with their shot record in the clinic before they are able to start school.  TB screening/testing also need to be completed.  All information needs to be in and completed, on or before the first day of school in order for your child to start school.
New students- All students new to Stafford County Schools need TB screening or testing and a completed History and Physical along with an up-to-date shot record before entering school. Some students may need updates on shot due to changes with immunization requirements.  Parents will be notified of any needs.
Kindergarten Students - Please place an extra outfit in your child’s back pack.  This helps with those unforeseen accidents and most children feel more comfortable changing into their own clothes.
Health problems- Please make sure to let the clinic and teacher know of any health problems and/or medications.  Please feel free to talk to me about any needs your child may have.
Medications- All medication whether over the counter (ex. Tylenol, cough medication, cough drops, etc.), or prescription medication ( This includes 10 day or shorter prescriptions, ex. Antibiotics) needs a permission form filled out  and signed by both a doctor and parent/guardian. Medication needs to be brought in by a parent or responsible party-students are not allowed to transport medication to or from school.  All medication needs to be in the original bottle with a label.  If there are any changes in the medication order, the doctor needs to rewrite the order and it needs to be brought or faxed to school before changes can be made.  If your child has a history of headaches or is having dental work you may want to consider getting a doctor’s order for Tylenol for the school year.  If your child has any allergies requiring special medication (ex: bee-sting, asthma) please make sure to have the form filled out and be sure the medication is in the clinic for your child. Permission forms need to be filled out yearly.
Dietary Issues- If your child has any dietary issues a doctors form (Special Dietary Needs) for these needs to be fill out by the doctor.  At this point I will inform the Cafeteria and give them a copy of the Special Dietary Needs Form.
Hearing and Vision Screening:

State Mandated (Code of Virginia 22.1-273)  Hearing and Vision screening are completed on all kindergarten and 3rd grade students as well as on any new student entering Rockhill during the school year.  This is done within 60 school days.  Other times that hearing and vision testing would be done is if a teacher, parent, or our student support team request it.  Please notify me if you do not want your child to take part and then please send in a copy of hearing and vision testing done by your physician.
Once screenings are complete, if there are any concerns, a referral form will be mailed home.


Scoliosis - Screening will be done upon request by a parent.

List of Supplies Used In The Clinic:
Below is a list of supplies that are used in the clinic.  If you have any questions or concerns about these supplies please call the clinic.  Alcohol, bacitracin ointment, bactine, calamine lotion, chloraseptic spray, first aid cream, hand lotion, saline, saline contact solution, isotonic eyewash, vinyl gloves, vaseline, telfa, gauze, non allergic tape and bandaids (latex-free).

Guidelines for Sending Students Home and for Staying Home or Returning to School - Nurse or parent discretion
  • Temperature >or = to 100 degrees within the past 24 hours
  • Active vomiting within the past 24 hours
  • Recurring diarrhea within the past 24 hours
  • Swollen or painful joints from injury
  • Severe earache
  • Suspected contagious disease
  • Any undiagnosed skin rashes. (nurse’s discretion)
  • Any injury or illness requiring further immediate treatment
  • Suspected chemical abuse
Medical Alert List

Please make sure that the school is aware of any allergies or medical concerns (ex.- asthma, diabetes, seizures, food allergies, etc.)

Assistance Available Please call the school clinic for more information
  • Famis (Insurance)
  • Salvation Army (shoe fund)
  • Lions Club (assistance with hearing and vision needs)

Reminder for picking up end of year medication

As another school year ends please be reminded that ALL MEDICATION needs to be picked up by a parent by the last day of school.  Since some of the medications dispensed in the clinic are classified as a controlled substance NO MEDICATION will be sent home with students.  If you are unable to pick up medication by the last day of school, please contact the school nurse to arrange another time.  Anything left here at school after the last day of school will be properly disposed of.
Also be reminded that if your child will be needing medication next school year a new Medication form from the doctor is required. This form has been sent/or given to you at the end of the school year.   If you need one during the summer, you may stop by the main office and pick up the proper forms.


Important Shot Information For Upcoming 6th Graders
Dear Parent/Guardian of SCPS Rising Sixth Grade Students:
It is important that you are aware of the state laws and regulations regarding your child’s enrollment in school.  Students without the required immunizations are not allowed to attend school in Virginia until enrollment requirements are met. 
Immunization records must show the month, day, and year of vaccines received as well as signature/stamp of health care provider.  Proof of required vaccinations is needed at your elementary school prior to the last day of school or to your middle school by August 1st. The following are requirements of rising sixth grade students:

  • A Tdap (Diphtheria, Pertussis, and Tetanus) booster is required by Virginia law of students enrolling in grade six.This vaccination should be listed asTdap.Tdap can be given to student’s age 10 or 11 and is required to be given for entry to sixth grade.Multiple vaccine preparations are available, if your health care provider does not carry the preparation for your student’s age, you may call the health department for an appointment as they do carry the required preparation.
    Bootrix preparation is for students 10-18 years of age and Adacel preparation is for all persons 11-64.  Boostrix and Adacel are both available at the health department. If your physician does not carry the vaccine preparation that is appropriate for your child, please contact the health department to make arrangements to receive the appropriate booster before the start of next year.  If the health care provider wants to give Adacel (for 11-64y.o) instead of Boostrix (10-18 y.o.) and the student is not yet 11, they must write a medical exemption. Same applies for Boostrix; if the student is not 10 y.o. at the visit and they want to wait until the birthday, then they will need to write a medical exemption. Tdap is not a series and therefore students cannot be conditionally enrolled.
  • A HPV (Human Pappillomavirus) vaccine is recommended for girls entering 6th grade. http://www.cdc.gov/std/HPV/STDFact-HPV-vaccine-young-women.htm If a parent/guardian opts not to have his/her daughter vaccinated, the school division will not require a signed statement.Sixth grade girls who do not have proof of HPV vaccine will not be excluded from school. HPV is also available for boys. http://www.cdc.gov/std/HPV/STDFact-HPV-and-men.htm.Please discuss with your health care provider.
    Should you need assistance in obtaining the necessary immunizations for your child, please call your child’s physician, the Stafford County Health Department at (540) 659-3101, or your school nurse for help with faxing. The Stafford County Health Department offers free immunizations every Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., appointments are required.




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